A rude awakening


I repeat a story to myself and to anyone who will listen. I woke on the morning of Nov. 9th to discover that my country—the democratic republic of the United States of America—had been stolen while I was sleeping, sold to the highest bidders. I have been trying to absorb this revelation ever since.

I had a dream up until the night of Nov. 8th, a dream that the hard-fought progressive achievements in civil rights, the movement toward universal health care, environmental protections, the evolution of gender equality among all persons, and voter rights were works in progress. We were moving forward. It was progress—imperfect—but movement toward a just republic, “for the people, by the people.”

I have had to confess to myself that I had been long caught in a dream and had not acted to protect these progressive achievements. I had been politically active in college and interned for a Congressional office, but then I got lax. I voted in every election but otherwise stayed in a dreamlike state. While I was asleep,  the Koch brothers and their billionaire minions bought the system.

I have been jarred awake by what has happened in our country since Nov. 8th. Now, I organize, resist, speak out against injustice, and stand up by those who are, and will be, victimized by irresponsible, regressive, tyrannical, and incompetent governance. We have to stay awake and resist the people now in power.

That is what Beaufort Indivisible and the Human Rights action team that I have joined has meant to me. My hope is by joining together in a common purpose to continue the progressive achievements of a better and just governance will take hold.

Stan Boyd, a musician, moved to Beaufort 13 years ago from Washington, D.C.

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